About Us

Professionalism with Integrity

Directors Adrian Knight & Julia Oldbury-Davies are active Health & Safety trainers and have a field role as well.
We guarantee that we will always provide services and advice to meet the best interests of our clients.
We are committed to providing practical & cost effective Health & Safety solutions to our clients. We believe that good Health & Safety management will always benefit business and productivity. Our solutions are always tailor made to suit our client’s needs.
We have experience of working for a range of construction & allied businesses including Berkeley Group, O’halloran and O’brien, Coopers Fire, Emcor, architects, electricians, mechanical engineers & general builders across the South of England.


Training is of vital importance to ensure that everyone within an organisation and helps people and organisations to comply with the law and demonstrate their competence, however in these days of financial concern, we know that our service must offer best value at all times. Training can be costly not only in terms of money but also time

AKS offer a range of training courses on health and safety related topics and our courses can be adapted from off-the-shelf packages with the inclusion of company specific material to ensure that the training experience meets the needs of the Client. As such, we take great pride in developing courses to suit the capabilities & expectations of our attendees and great pride in ensuring that they are all better prepared for Health & Safety at their workplace.

Service Provision

Our focus is always to provide practical and cost effective solutions that meet the individual requirements of our clients 


“At AKS it is our aim to provide business with a high quality consultancy service, which adds value to their operations”

As Director of this consultancy, I have for a few years mused about how many lives have been saved by the training we provide or interventions or guidance in the field.

Recently my heart sank as I got a phone call about an injury on site to a contractor. Everything I want to have happened at work, was irrelevant as the ambulance crew and fire rescue service personnel brought out the casualty.

No one meant the incident to happen but a coworker got hurt.

My role remains to seek to avoid problems, eliminate or reduce risks and help co-ordinate works, using common sense and seeing everyone go home safely.

Adrian Knight – Director All Knight Safety Ltd